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This is a post I mentioned doing the other day, which is, as the subject says, for fic requesting (or any general ideas).

So first, if you have a request, please go to these, which are my fic tables which I'm trying to work through! Any help or suggestions for those would appreciated!

This post is for anything that doesn't fit those prompts. These can by ideas, pairings, pictures or links to so,ething you think might inspire me. Specific ideas are awesome and super inspiring, though everything will at least be considered.

Now I'll fic pretty much anyone/anything, so don't be shy in asking.

There are a few things I won't write though (and I may add more to them if there's anything that comes to mind):
*Gerard/Frank - I've never really liked the pairing to begin with but it's overabundence (and the way some shippers act) has made me hate it.
*Following on from that, Frank Iero
*Ian Watkins - it is unlikely I'll write him again, due to what he did. Unless what happens to him is torture for what him did, but then I think I've gotten that out of my system
*Bullet!Jamie - yes, I am still irked that Jay is gone and I think that's leaked over into a dislike of him. I'm sure he's great and all, but I just won't right him (except maybe as a passing mention)

I am sure there's something I'm missing from that list (no doubt something super obvious that I'm missing that's staring me in the face).

But yeah, feel free to leave comments with suggestions and such! I can't guarantee if I'll write them, or when, but I will certainly consider anything that gets sent (and if it is an outright no I'll definitely say so).

Date: 2017-05-09 01:10 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] bringmoreknives
here i am, making a formal request for ilan topping and/or otherwise domming trent and calling him a dirty old pervert for hiring such a young hot drummer to keep around as eye candy. i'll be in my shame chamber. all i can offer in return is promises of more trent fic and probably something where he ends up with manson's hand in his butt bc "fist fuck" is the best nine inch nails meme

Date: 2017-05-09 04:30 am (UTC)
bringmoreknives: (john gaog suit)
From: [personal profile] bringmoreknives
well if it'd be set since ilan joined nin, trent would be beefcake goth daddy.

(but y'know if you wrote something of twinky 90s trent i wouldn't be mad about that either. just that ilan was uh. y'know. a child and that's Not Good, so i guess it'd have to be manson or somebody from nin back then. i'll look for a nin primer but i think you'd be into danny; he played like 4 instruments but unf hot muscle boy. him and trent used to tackle each other onstage all the time. or robin because he's a slut who wore tiny shorts and manson actually In Real Life sucked robin's dick onstage. WAIT SHIT HAVE YOU SEEN MANSON KISSING TRENT ONSTAGE AND LIFTING HIM OFF THE FUCKING GROUND. i really gotta give you the manson/trent primer on skype shit dude)


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