Apr. 27th, 2017

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This is gonna be a post all about [personal profile] raisethesail who is one of the most amazing people I know!

She is an amazing writer and I'm so lucky to have her as a friend and get to suggest things to her (and get birthday fics from her !!!) and I'm donstantly amazed that my stuff has managed to inspire her (and more than once too!). On lj I didn't have a special memory for absolute fav fics (often cause I'd end up going to search by tag) but if I did I'd have In Mot Dunklet, Rules And Games, Of Love Lust and Human Nature and Finding Joy among them (and many others). If I was on my lapop I'd like list more (and add links) but since I'm on the pad and that's a bit awkward I won't. And now she has moved over here with me and has already done some awesome fic that will no doubt end up being as memorable and well read as those. (Especially those recent and upcoming ones featuring Kuolio.)

On top of that we've ended up working together on building the kinkverse, this amazing world that we have together. I thought it would just be a one off when I came off with it, that I'd write Collide and that was it, but because of her between us there's like... What? 20-something bits done for it? (And sure 8 are Collide parts but still.) I just find it so amazing that it has inspired so much and I really am so glad and touched and everything!

On top of that she's got me into several bands. Finntroll and Nachtblut became ones I've frequently listen to and I'm sure they'll be joined by others (I have TK on my laptoptop but never managed to put them on pods, i also need to give Kuolio's bands a proper listen too too).

In fact one of the most amazing gigs I have EVER been to was with her and that was the Finntroll gig in Bilston. That was just such an amazing night and I don't think I'd have gone if it wasn't for her! (I'd certainly not known where Bilston was beforehand)

Anyway, this is getting kinda rambly, though that was kinda the point really! I just want [personal profile] raisethesail to know how much I love, value and appreciate them as a friend and just how important they are.

At this point, if I was on laptop and could easily do the coding, I'd put a cut and the then add a few pics. Alas, like I said, working on the pad makes that difficult. So just imagine bloody Askeroth, fluffy Virta, dem lips, Hannu's legs (which need a warning) and Kuolio being ngh. And, of course, topless Rich and Darran all in black. And my favourite boy Welsh Jay being all slutty. Are you imagining them? Yes? Good!

So yes, that's my ramble, I shall go now and fic some more.
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Kirkkaanpunainen solmio
Pairing: Kuolio/Master Bates
Rating: NC-17
POV: Kuolio
Warnings: Hannu's legs!
Notes: I decided to do this to help cheer a certain someone up. The first bit is wrote by [personal profile] raisethesail, the rest is a modified version of what I'd started! I had wanted to get this finished last night but after watching Alien I just went zzz
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