Apr. 25th, 2017

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Two brief main things I just wanna post before I get going with today (aka waiting on food shop and ficcing more).

First: Shout out to the awesome [personal profile] raisethesail for giving me some paid account time yesterday (and giving me awesome icons like this one!)! You are awesome and best! <3

Second: I had debated doing a seperate archive journal when I first decided to use this properly, with my whole lj imported. So during the easter break I did just that! I started the import process for it then and it seems to have all been completed now. The archive journal is [personal profile] shadow_hive, same as my lj name was so if any of you wanna read stuff without going to lj there's the option for ye! I won't be updating it anymore or anything though, it's just gonna be solely an archive, but if I get comments I'll reply from this one.

So yeah, there it is! Feel free to add it and such (and re-memory any fics you really liked).

Those are the main reasons for posting but here's a few bullet point thingies.

*First, speaking of memories I intend to go through the fics I've posted here soon and add them to memories as well as to tag them fully. I'm not sure when but hopefully sometime soon.
*The fic splurge continues! I honestly have no idea where all this stuff is coming from and it just keeps coming! I've not felt this inspired/creative in ages! Maybe it was the hiatus, maybe it was being sick, I dunno.
*I have my first ever promo movie standee! Usually when I ask they say they can't give them out, but this time I was lucky enough to have my name put down on a Rogue One K2-S0 and yesterday I got it! It's huge and I love it

Ok, well that's about all I wanted to say I think. I'm also pondering doing a sticky general request post too, but not sure yet.


Apr. 25th, 2017 05:43 pm
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Pairing: Bobby Undertaker/Hannu, Hannu/RunQ, Hannu/MC Raaka Pee, DQ/Hannu, Hannu/Spellgoth
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bobby
Warnings: More sexytimes, Hannu's legs, watersports
Notes: Sequel to last Hannu fic, TK Hannu orgy! And this is all for the awesome [personal profile] raisethesail, I hope you likes
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