Apr. 16th, 2017

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One For The Road
Pairing: Matt Davies-Kreye/Rich Boucher
POV: Rich
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sextimes, some fluffiness
Notes: For a certain very special Welshie, who saw FFAF tonight and needs some cheer. I hope this helps.
Notes 2: Another repost for a special Welshie!
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So when I first started on LJ oh, so long ago, I'd do blog posts as well as fic ones. Over time, though, that faded away but I've decided to see about bringing that back and seeing how it goes.

And it is so obvious what to do firs.

My two biggest passions of all are The Legend of Zelda and Star Wars. So with Celebration happening, of course this is onna be foccused on Star Wars,

I was lucky enough to go to Celebration last year in London. It was my first time going and it was so amazing, I had such a good time. I went to quite a few panels (including the Rebels one), bought a few things (like plush Loth cats) and even met my first cast memeber (young Boba Fett Daniel Logan who was super nice). I missed out on the last day due to losing my pass (boo) but even so it was great.

This year it's in Orlando so I've been watching the streams and living through the various fan accounts that are there on twitter. It's so awesome and i do wish I was there (hopefully when they do one here next I'll be here). But fuck, those trailers. We've had three now, for The Last Jedi, for Rebels and Battlefront 2. Fuck, I can't wait for them all, though I'm sure I'll cry during The Last Jedi cause of Carrie. But even so, I am super super hyped and really can't wait until it's December and we head off for a midnight showing (hopefully).

And Rebels, I'm so sad it's gonna end this season. It feels too soon and I'm not sure how everything will be wrapped up in such a short time. Will Lothal be freed? Will all the Mandalorians die? Will Ahsoka be back? Will it end on Scarif? And what about Thrawn?

So many questions.

But yeah, I am just riding a Star Wars hype wave right now and can't wait for all the new books/comics/tv/movies/games that are coming.


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