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Time, methink, for a randomish post.

I finally finished Aftermath Empire's End this week yess and so now have started Guardians Of The Whills which is much shorter yayy.

I also got and started Prey which is so awesome so far, space! And gotta love a game where there's an npc mentioned called Jason and it's heavily implied he has a crush on his hot (and male!) boss yess.

I also got Ace Attorney Spirit of justice on 3ds from the 3ds sale, which reminds me I need to actually play the other ones oops.

So the heat has made me melty, but thankfully it seems to be easing up now thank fuck.

I am going to, at sometime this coming week, properly go through fic to tag and mem them all properly. I keep meaning to and keep failing to do it, oops. So yeah, should be done very soon.

Ok speaking of fic, the rest of this post (the reason for doing it) is gonna be fic related.

Currently I have two fics on the go, which will be the next fic that will be posted (when depends on heat) these are:
*TK voyeur prompt fill, based on the suggestion [personal profile] raisethesail made on the table
*Jay in heat fic, which I just started the other day and I'm not sure on he pairing or where it's going yet

After that I have vague ideas on two more:
*I have a vague idea for a knotting fic, just gotta work details out
*I'ma considering doing a follow up to Tohtori Kuolio too but need to have a ponder on it

I have two fic that have a few paragraphs but have just been... Left. I'ma not sure they'll get done but they are:
*A Jay/Austin follow up to the interrupted sex fill
*A Link/Prince Sidon fic that I started after their meeting in the game, but I ended up stalling (and getting distracted by the rest of the game)

I also have a few kinkverse related ideas that I keep meaning to ask [personal profile] raisethesail's thoughts on so here they are while Ima thinking on them:
*Raymond/Ray fic, since I haven't actually done one of them together properly despite Ray's appearence in kinkverse being a catalyst for so much
*A Virta origin fic - I have no concrete ideas on this yet so it's just here in case any do come to mind
*The start of the Christian fic, Blood On My Hands gave me the idea that I wanna do a master hunting a group of slaves down, kinda slasher flick style. However I'm not sure who the victims should be at the moment so need to work on that
*Kinkverse!Ashley - he's the only member of bvb not seen in kinkverse yet but thta's down to me not being able to decide of he's a master or slut and I'm still not sure
*Leone twins - I've established their porn stars in it, but I have a vague idea that I wanna use them in a fic but the last time I did them in something [personal profile] raisethesail didn't read so I don't wanna do something that'll get unread (so much as I may wanna do fic of them)
*Lastly is more to Collide. Again I'm not sure where it's gonna go exactly so... Yeah (any ideas/suggestions are good)

Date: 2017-05-28 02:13 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] raisethesail
You shouldn't really play Spirit Of Justice until you've played the others, you won't appreciate it as much :D :D

Ok, you want my thoughts on these? Here we go :D
-Raymond/Ray - I guess it would be good to write something of them together. I'm quite intrigued as to how Raymond will treat Ray, and I've also got a morbid fascination of what would happen if him and Robert meet, since they both come from the vanillaverse!
-Virta origin - YES PLS
-Hunting fic - Not so sure on this one I guess? Why would they be hunting the slaves? Have they escaped from somewhere? ;D
-Leone twins - Well I don't like incest and I don't like Madina Lake so I probably wouldn't read this but like I keep saying, you don't need to write stuff for my benefit, if you want to write it then do it!
-Collide - Yeah I'd like to see more of Collide but I guess there's only so much that can be written about PLUS there's more opportunities to write about stuff taking place in the kinkverse, heh.

Date: 2017-05-28 04:49 pm (UTC)
raisethesail: (Hannu hat)
From: [personal profile] raisethesail
Haha! That's fine of course, but it's definitely best appreciated playing in order! Also Apollo Justice (which follows the trilogy) isn't on the e-store but you can pick up a cheap copy of it online :)

My RunQ fic will be posted imminently. Need to transfer the draft from my app to my computer and edit, but I'll sort it before I go.

You could always write a Jason thing before he left!

Date: 2017-05-28 05:23 pm (UTC)
raisethesail: (Hannu hat)
From: [personal profile] raisethesail
You need to do the trilogy, then Apollo Justice, then Dual Destinies, then Spirit Of Justice! :)


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